#Woodland5 May Photos

#Woodland5 May Photos

You have had the results, now its time for the evidence.  We have been down to a well known photo development shop and got our photos back and unlike your holiday snaps, there are some corkers, some of them even look like you are enjoying themselves.

If you spot yourself in the photos and you think to yourself “I look great in that photo” then, let us know and we can get you the photo free of charge (You don’t get that at London, Windsor or Reading do you!)

On the other-hand if you see yourself and want to destroy all evidence, just let us know and we can also do that although it would be a shame.

So here are the photos, just click on the this lovely little link righ about …… here and it will take you to our Flickr group page

And here is a cheeky little video we made to celebrate the occasions (thanks to our friends Magisto for creating it!) and we hope you lie it.  Sorry if you are not in the video but you were obviously too happy and there was only one cameraman and he only has two legs ……..