#Woodland5 June Review

#Woodland5 June Review

Well didn’t we all have a lovely time down in the Woods on a sunny summers evening this week. Who needs England to win in the World Cup or, Andy Murray to win Wimbledon or even the sun to shine at Glastonbury? All you need is a pair of smelly trainers and 120 odd other like minded souls.

If you haven’t seen the results, then head over to this cheeky little post here and all the details are on there but, here is the review of the race and, some cracking snaps by Mr Paul “haven’t I got a big lens” Mackenzie. If you like a photo, just click on the download icon in the bottom right to get a full size original copy for free (You dont get that at the London Marathon do you?)

Right on we go.

Tom Whately took well over two minutes off last months first place time galloping home like a racehorse stung by a large bumblebee in 31 minutes and one second. Not far behind him were James Craggs (31 minutes 45 seconds) and scampering after him to take the 3rd position was Thomas Astley in 33 minutes and 24 seconds.

The Vet Males also keen to show they have still got it followed within a minute of each other, a great race but hard work for the time keepers in the following order Lance Nortcliff (33 minutes 34 seconds), Ian Gosling (0:33 minutes 49 seconds) and Kevin Burree (34 minutes 39 seconds). Have Reading Road Runners been doing secret training?????

Now how did the ladies do. Well, Jaydee Piteers is going to need a bigger mantelpiece at this rate racing home as first female and first senior female like she was being chased by Lois Suraez in 0:35 minutes 26 seconds (We checked with our legal team and they don’t like him so they said its fine). Hot on Jaydee’s heels running was Jo Haley in 35 minutes and 54 seconds followed by Sarah Allcock completing the trio of Senior Ladies in 39 minutes and 35 seconds.

Interspersed in here were the Vet Females showing that they still have what it takes, Sandhurst Joggers snapped up a one two for the Female vets with Helen Antram again wining the ladies VET (Can you take all three of the season? The pressure is on now Helen!) in 37 minutes and 32 seconds. Fellow Sanhurst Jogger, Collette Callanan romped home about 40 seconds later with Reading Road Runners holding up third place in a cracking time of 39 minutes 44 seconds.

So thats it for the winners but who care about them, what you really want is some photos of runners looking like they are trying to enjoy themselves isn’t it. Check them out below. (If the internet needs to go and sit on the naughty step and think about what its done then there is also a link below)

 The I’m sitting on the naughty step of the internet link

We have also mad a nice photo montage set to a bit of “popular” music below, just click on it to watch it. Thanks to the awesome folks at Magisto for helping out on that.