Welcome to the #woodland5 2016

Yes its that time of year again, the winter has almost disappeared and the summer is nearly upon us, the days are growing longer, and the weather is getting better.  It can only mean 1 thing, its time to dust off your offroad shoes or at the very least scrape the remnants of the Winter mud from them and head on down to Crowthorne Woods for the #Woodland5 series.  Just make sure you are 100% up to speed on your performance enhancing drugs as we will be checking bags for sunny delight, umbongo and space raiders.

So,when is it?

The dates for this years races are as follows:

Wednesday 11th May.

Enter here via our friends at Runners World.

Wednesday 8th June.

Enter here via our friends at Runners World

Wednesday 20th July.

Enter here via our friends at Runners World

 Can you keep me up to date with all of your exciting news about the #Woodland5 straight to my email?

Glad you asked!  With our good friends over at MailChimp, we can email you lovely shiny emails whenever we have updates about the event, isn’t that cool.  Click here to sign up for them!

Where is it

The route is 5ish miles around Crowthorne Woods which is the bit of Woodland to the North East of Crowthorne, between the Crowthorne bypass and the B3348 and the A3095, you know the bit that was on fire a couple of years ago.

Do I need to know anything new this year?

At FinchCoasters we are very sensitive to our feathered friends so we would like to make sure that any spectators stay out of the undergrowth and on the main tracks and also keep their furry four legged canine friends on a lead so we dont disturb the lovely twittering birds from nesting.

Can I Strava it

If you are someone who likes to Strava then we are the race for you.  We will have a groovy little Strava group set up in time for it with some rather cheeky Strava segments especially for the day so we can really see who cranks it up a notch when they might get a QOM or a KOM.  If you dont know what these are then Strava has passed you by.

Do you have a Route Map available so I can see what I am letting myself in for?

Of Course, please see the map below.  If you click on the Mapmyrun logo at the top it will open up in a bigger window.

Create Maps or search from 80 million at MapMyRun


Is there parking available?

Yes, we have organised for parking to be available in the carpark on the permiter road around Broadmoor (see map below for the location.  Acess to here is fully signposted but if your internal satnav is on the blink and you need a hand from Mr Garmin or Mr TomTom then RG45 7BY should get you close enough but please keep an eye out for signposts pointing the way as well.

View #Woodland5 Parking in a larger map

What time does it start?

The race starts at 19:30 sharp but please allow 10 minutes to get to the start line which is a short walk away from the car park

 How much does it cost?

 £24 affiliated for all races
£10 per individual race. (£2 additional for non affiliated runners)

how do I enter?

In these days of technology we give you a choice of ways to enter:

By old fashioned postal service

You can download the following form and post it along with your cheque (wow do they still exist?) to

Finch Coasters

45 Pine Drive


RG40 3LD

Via the new fangled interweb

We have teamed up with runners world, please click on one of the following links to be taken to the online entry site.


May:  Enter here via our friends at Runners World.

June:  Enter here via our friends at Runners World

July:  Enter here via our friends at Runners World

Rock up on the day and pay your fees

Probably better to do it in advance as we are limited to 150 runners and cannot guarantee entry on the day but you can register on the day.  You will also need to pay a £1 charge per entry on the night.

 Are there prizes?

Yes, there are prizes in the following categories:

Senior Men, Senior Ladies

Veteran Men, Veteran Ladies

Is there a goodybag full of cool stuff?

Maybe.  You will have to turn up on the night, run the race and see

Do I need to know anything else?

No, except you may want to bring some insect repellent as we cannot seem to get rid of the little critters no matter what we try and do.

Will it be sunny?

Well we cannot guarantee this but it does seem to be dry most times when we run it, so here is hoping!

How can I be get exciting new to my email about the #Woodland5

Glad you asked!  With our good friends over at MailChimp, we can email you lovely shiny emails whenever we have updates about the event, isn’t that cool.  Click here to sign up for them!