#Woodland5 2015 July Results

#Woodland5 2015 July Results

So thats it for another year, the sun has set on the final race of the UK’s premier cross country 5 mile event, and what a sunset it was.

So onto the results. First a shout out to Helen Antram from our friends at the bottom of the hill Sandhurst joggers, for winning all three of the ladies races this year, if this was a famous French cycling event some may be calling for a drugs test but we know Helen better than that although she was seen drinking sunny delight on all three races.

Last nights results

Once again a special mention to all of those runners with smiles on their faces looking like they were having lots of fun and thanks to those non runners who were injured but still came along to cheer everyone on. From the front of the pack to the back we saw smiles and laughs all the way.

OK here we have it, the results

Bringing the last race of the series home to its dramatic finale saw an epic battle between Reading Road Runners and long time friends of the race, Lance Nortcliff and Andrew Smith in 31 minutes 44 and 31 minutes 57 seconds respectively. Bringing up the bronze medal position and flying the flag high for Overton Harriers was Lee Tolhurst in 33 minutes and 33 seconds. Great running to all three of you.

For the ladies, Lesley Locks from Hart Road Runners must have been eating jelly babies before the race or putting in that secret training because she went and won the ladies race smashing her previous times on this years series by over 30 seconds, oh my goodness gracious what a race.  Lesley also set the fastest ladies time on the course this year. Bringing in Second place around two minutes later was Susan Wookey from Hart Road Runners. come on Susan put some training in and you can steal that title from her next year. Third through the tunnel was the ever young Helen Antram from Sandhurst Joggers in a time of 38 minutes and 12 seconds. Great running to all the prize winners.

The full break down of prizes can be found here (including the VET and Seniors) and the full results can be found here.

Complete Series winners results

To compete in this prestigious prize you need to have run all three of the series so no wimping out with injuries or excuses of bad traffic in this category.

Overall race series winner for senior males was Mr Andrew Smith from Reading Road Runners with a complete aggregate time (we had to look that one up, apparently it means “a material or structure formed from a mass of fragments or particles loosely compacted together.” or possibly even “formed or calculated by the combination of several separate elements; total.”) of 01:35:38, pretty good going for 15 miles (ish) of cross country running. Well done Andrew.  Lee Tolhurst from Overton Harriers got the prize for the Males Vet category in a lovely time of 01:37:38

Lesley Locks from Hart Road Runners   got the prize for overall series winner for the senior ladies with a total time of 01:46:39, Helen Antram from Sandhurst Joggers won the Female Vet category in 01:55:08.

Aggregated results can be found by clicking on this lovely link Aggregated Results

Any photos or videos to keep us going through the next lonely year?

Of course we have and lots of them to.  Lots of smiley people and happy faces, even a few gurns thrown in for good measure.

Head over to our friends at Flick via this lovely link to see all the cracking photos or take a look on our facebook pages here and just about here and don’t forget to hit the like button

We also have a cheeky little video compilation  here


So with that all that is left for us to do is thank Mr Simon Crute the departing race director (posh title for someone who organises stuff) for organising the race for the past couple of years and doing all the hard work behind the scenes and getting all of the  #Woodland5 pixies, elves and other magical fairies (some of them on loan from the housework department of magical creatures) to get off of their Gameboys and stop writing rude words on their Casio calculators.

Till next year thank you all so much for coming out and supporting us and happy running for the rest of the year.  May your shoe laces stay tight and your muscles stay loose.