TVXC 2015/16 Bracknell Forest

TVXC Race 5: Bracknell Forest

23 Finchcoasters braved the bitter elements in order to compete in the 5th cross country race of the Thames Valley series.

This race was hosted by the Bracknell Forest runners in the not so distant location of Lightwater Country Park which looked as picturesque as a Christmas card on this chilly Sunday morning.

If you can remember, prior to the race we were informed by the race organisers that the race would be moved forward by a few meters in order to avoid the ‘bunching’ that had been experienced in previous years. Unfortunately if you were not amongst the first runners within minutes of the race commencing your Garmin required to be paused momentarily as runners came to a stand still entrapped in a bottle neck of tree branches.

The majority of the course adopted narrow paths and thus It did take time for runners to even out, however following the initial obstacles the race was beautifully scenic without too many hills to climb or swamps to wade through. Nevertheless there was still opportunity for moderate mud coverage due to a single muddy pool.

A strong men’s team made many commendable achievements as 5th place overall with James Craggs and Ollie Hill taking 7th and 13th place respectively. Huge congratulations go to Enda Ward and Dave Jones who were within the first 50 to finish and Paul Mackenzie and Rhodri Jones who were well within the top 100.

For the ladies (6th place overall) Carol Yarrow was also well within the first 100 to finish (76th place) despite confessing to having a few too many the night before!

Despite the sub-optimal start to the race and the sub-zero temperature a thoroughly enjoyable time was had by all and a generous array of cakes and hot beverages were waiting at the finish line.