Darkness falls across the land, The midnight hour is close at hand, Creatures crawl in search of blood, To terrorize yawls neighbourhood ….. zombies, ghouls, monsters?  Nope its the FinchCoasters #theshortscaryone Halloween run.


Lots of fun was had by the brave souls of the half dead who turned up to stumble, roam and mischievously haunt the streets of Wokingham on All Hallows Eve whilst the rest of the club were probably gorging themselves on chocolate stolen from their children or raiding from the sweets that were supposed to be for trick or treaters ……. yes we know all the tricks!

Paul “Freaky” Evans accompanied by Sam “barking at the moon” the Dog, led the run through deserted streets, waste ground, bogs, creepy corners, churchyards and forgotten short cuts.  We only lost a couple of the runners to the monsters lurking in the darkness in the Woosehill meadows. Still everyone got back just about intact and only midly scared.

Onto the awards …..

Scariest Male

Prize for scariest Male went to Paul “macarbe” Mackenzie for his deathly makeup.   Well done Paul, hope you shared your no expense spared prize of chocolate eyeballs down the pub with all your friends.

 Scariest Female

The scariest female prize went to Niam “frenzied killer” Feely for her funny bones look although she had given up the run at the pub so there is a question of whether she should have claimed the prize as she did not complete the run!  Still Niam got her chocolate so all ended happy.

Massive thanks go to Shane “is that really a mask” Foster for coming up with the idea and to Paul “Freaky” Evans for devising the spooky route and then running off really fast because he was scared!

See you all next year for the spoooookiest run in Wokingham