The Winter Season is here

The Winter season is now here

The heady days of summer running had barely seemed to begin when the nights started drawing in so now is the time to switch routes from Summer to Winter from off road to road and from daytime to night time.  It’s now time to inject some new life into our routes and switch things around, so there will be different sessions on different weeks aimed at keeping us all fresh and on our toes.

This change will be from the week commencing 11th September until further notice

Does that mean a change of venue?

For Thursday nights yes.  Thursdays now start from the Morgan Recreation Ground in Crowthorne (see below for a map) although occasionally they may be different (see below).  Tuesday nights will still remain the same venue from St Crispins Leisure centre

Does that mean a change of route?

Yes!  We will be switching to our fantastic tour of Wokinghams finest areas on a Tuesday and on a Thursday we run out towards Sandhurst and College town taking in the majestic beauty of the Meadows shopping centre before heading back via the hilly road that connects Little Sandhurst and Crowthorne.

Am I going to enjoy it as much?

We hope so, the company will be the same, you just wont have pretty scenery to look at but you will get to focus on your running more in prep for those marathons and half marathons coming up

But I like off road running, hill sessions and hard fast runs, what’s in it for me?

Well that’s good because we do regular night time torch runs which are great fun, hill training sessions around Broadmoor (just the location is enough to get you running fast) and the monthly flat out run till your lungs feel like they are about to explode and your legs turn to jelly session along the Reading Road towards Showcase cinema.  More information on these sessions can be found by clicking here and by seeing the updates sent out the week before on email, on the website and on our Facebook Page

I am a great believer in being safe running at night, what can I do to make sure I stay safe

Very good, that’s a great attitude to have, the following article covers some basic tips and tricks to staying safe and enjoying the British Autumn, Winter and early Spring at its best.

The Tuesday Night Standard Winter Run

Tuesday night winter runs, start from the St Crispins Leisure Centre and are either run in reverse, i.e. finishing up coming back along Molly Millars Lane or forwards, going out via molly Millars Lane, the direction will be communicated the week before.

The Thursday Night Standard Winter Run

Starting from the Morgan Recreation ground and running through the back of Broadmoor into Sandhurst, College town and back through Sandhurst towards Crowthorne.  There are some dark bits so you may want to bring a small torch.

Here is the route map

Where is the Morgan Rec?

The map below shows where you need to get to, for sat nav lovers, the postcode is RG45 7LA

View Thursday night Winter meeting spot in a larger map