The Mud run

The Wet Muddy One

Whats the wet muddy one all about then?

Well the clue is in the title really isnt it?  Grab yourself your trainers, a tame Finch Coaster who knows the woods and trails like the sole of their fetid off road shoes and then find the biggest deepest muddiest puddles and jump in them with as much gusdo as you can.  Imagine you are a five year old again who has been told they can jump in the puddles as much as they like, can’t remember that feeling, well you really need to get out and jump in muddy puddles more!

That sounds great fun but how do I get clean afterwards.

Good point.  You have two options, you can use the nice hot showers at the sports club or, you can use a large river and wade through it up to your waist, your choice but we would recommend the river for its laughter inducing potential.  It was so much fun in fact that a car tried to follow the mud runners through the Ford but decided better of it half way through and had to do the drive of shame back through the Ford.  Lesson learnt, never drive a car through a Ford especially if its a Ford (got that one out of a Christmas Cracker)

Aren’t rivers dangerous?

Yes they are my health and safety minded do gooder.  You should never play near them unless you have been told by a sensible adult that it is safe to go in. We asked a sensible adult we found in a supermarket and they said it was OK to do it.

Does this count towards any of the 50 things to do before your 11 3/4?

No but they really should be, seeing as catching a falling leaf and visit a farm made it onto the list.  Actually you can probably tick of #26 running around in the rain though and #42, swim in the sea are sort of like jumping in mud and running through rivers aren’t they.

Did anyone take any pictures from the run.

You catch on quick to this question / answer style don’t you.  Of course there is, check these little beauties out or head across to our amazing Flickr Site to check them out if the cheeky elves who power the World Wide Interweb thingy are being naughty.