The One for Charity - The Review

The One for Charity – The Review

Davina running and cycling from Scotland to London; Eddie Izzard running 43  marathons in 51 days; David Walliams swimming down the Thames.  You thought all the challenges had been done?  Well no actually.  Today was the day when the last big challenge was undertaken, the challenge of challenges, the one which would test not just mind and spirit but also soul.  It was the challenge of running around the boundary of the sports field at Finch Sports Club not just once but twice.  One word, knarly.

So how many completed the gruelling course?

To be honest we don’t know, there were so many people turning up that we could not count them.  Actually it was more down to our lack of coordination.  What we do know is everyone seemed to be having fun.  Even Shane “I’m injured again” Foster was seen running around the course although he has now got his feet up with an ice pack on his knee’s.  Mind you Shane, that speed machine Feely seemed to be flirting with your wife, so you better start manning up ……

What was the fastest time

Its not about speed, its about competing.  So, in the finch charity mile, its not about strava segments or speed, its about completing the challenge and doing something for charity.  Having said that, we had some fast runners.  Did you see Emily fly past like she was on Red Bull (other caffeine soaked, hallucination inducing drinks are also available), Laurie, Paul and Simon also did pretty fast miles.  More importantly however, we had a nexus of children running the course, some all in one go, some had many goes, others did a lap had a rest and then did another lap.  We even had two intrepid boys dribbling footballs around the course …… back of the net …….. ahem ….. sorry about that.

So how much money was raised in the name of Charity

A Whopping £152.50!  That’s enough to vaccinate 30 children against deadly diseases like meningitis, tetanus, and pneumonia.  Its also enough to pay for 30 bereavement counselling sessions for older people who’ve recently lost a loved one.  Doesn’t that give you a warm fuzzy feeling!  Well done you rock!

If you wish to donate some more dread and honey, dosh, dough or mullah then we are sure the really nice people over at Sport Relief would love you to donate right about …………… here

Any photos or video montages of the auspicious occasion?

Well of course there are.  We had a phone with a camera on it and that’s all you need to make a big budget video.  Who would have though this was possible when Sports Relief was first conceived in 1998.

And you can also get some lovely little picture on our photo feed below:

If the naughty internet imps are being cheeky though and nothing shows above, all is not lost, head over to our Flickr site using this lovely little link