The Finch Charity Mile aka #theoneforcharity

The Finch Charity Mile aka #theoneforcharity

On the 23rd March this year come down to the Finch Sports Club and do something for charity with us.

Oooh I like Charity what are you doing?

We are holding our very own unofficial sports relief mile race at the finch sports club with all donations going to the fantastic Sports Relief charity.  This is NOT an official sport relief mile which is why we are calling it the Finch Charity Mile.  Turn up, make a charitable donation and complete the mile.

Sounds great, how far do I have to run?

The clue is in the title, its a mile.

I can just about do that, how fast do I have to run?

You can do it as fast or as slow as you like, we don’t care as long as you complete the mile.  In fact as long as you are using your legs or arms, anyway you get around the course is fine by us.

When is it and, Where is it?

Its on the 23rd March with timed runs being run at 10 am, 11 am and 12 am although we will be doing others if there is a demand for it.  The event will be at the Finch Sports Club in Finchampstead look out for people in yellow running tops and make your way over to them.  Click here for a lovely map.

Do I need to be in finchCoasters to run it

Most definitely not, anyone who turns up is more than welcome to run, crawl, walk or skip around the mile.

Will I get a nice memento of the day to take to show and tell?

Don’t get too excited but yes, you might get a certificate, no expense spared at Finch!

What if I trip over and hurt myself

Well, don’t trip over and hurt yourself its as simple as that.

Here’s the small print, Finch Coasters or the Finch Sports Club are not responsible for any injuries caused in any way shape or form.  Running is a very dangerous activity which could result in loss of moisture through sweat, you may end up out of breath, turn slightly red, get wet feet or, get chased by a bumble bee.  The ground on which you run has not been flattened so could be considered to be very dangerous.  Please consult a doctor before taking part or, just use your common sense and if you feel a bit tired then have a sit down.

All donations will go directly to Sport Relief which  is an initiative of Comic Relief, registered charity 326568