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Tadley Cross Country Review

Happy new year and welcome to the first Cross Country race of 2104, the cross country runners race of races the Tadley Cross Country.  What will this year bring for the remaining 2 races?  Who knows so lets crack on with the Tadley Cross Country Review.

Tadley, that sounds like a nice place to live, whereabouts is it?

Its near the similarly mellifluously named Bramley home of the Apple pie which is just down the road from the not so tranquil Basingstoke.

Right enough Geography and fun facts, how did we do?

Well, the females appeared to have decided that they did not want to have fun and play in the mud this week and stay at home in bed.  That is apart from the most excellent Jo and Pink  Hat Melissa who, have been stalwarts of the Female team turning up to all 6 of the races so far. The Men on the other hand fielded a wicked team including the magic trio Jones, Aitken and Holmwood who once again finished in the top three of the club and scoring an impressive 161 (whatever that means?)

Hang on, didn’t Jo Widdup finish in the top ten for the females?

Alright smarty pants, you are absolutely right, good effort Jo, you win the top ten finisher of the week prize

Did anyone adopt a funny running styles this week such as skipping and are there any pictures of it.

 So Chris and Damian bored with being #1 and #2 back for the coasters adopted an interesting synchronised running / skipping technique, good effort boys.

Nice skipping boys. Photo courtesy of Peter Cook

Nice skipping boys. Photo courtesy of Peter Cook

So we have had swans, women carrying plates of sandwiches, tell me do you have a picture of Betula pendula?

Ahhhh the majestic Silver Birch tree, national tree of Finland and most commonly found on dry sandy soil.  How about one by a lovely stream?  We also have a lovely picture of the magestically classic Fagus sylvatica by a fence.  Both excellent trees in our opinion.

Fagus sylvatica by a fence

Fagus sylvatica by a fence


A classic example of  Betula pendula

A classic example of Betula pendula


Thankyou to the amazing Melissa was out with her snappy snappy snap snap machine and grabbed these corkers for us, nice work Melissa, stalwart of the female running team and race photographer as well

Any photos of people running as well?

Certainly are just head on over as usual to the Flickr site and erm flick through the photos there, just follow this cheeky little link


Massive thankyou to Tadley Runners for putting on a lovely muddy run and re-introducing the art of skipping into cross country.