Tadley Cross Country Review

Tadley Cross Country Review

New Years Fireworks now faded and Christmas forgotten

It was time for cross country and a course that proved rotten

It’s a course “Mostly flat with only one slope”

Was the line Tadley spun to give us some hope

But Tadley had tricked us with mistruths and lies

“this course is a terror” would soon be the cries

The long walk to the start, a warm up for sure

Gave us no insight as to what was in store

The only intel forthcoming was summed up by James

“It’s pretty muddy out there” the words he exclaimed

Mr Craggs on reflection, it was a rosy depiction

A festering bog would be a better description

Fast out of the gates the coasters seemed strong!

James, Enda and Andy right in the throng

The start was firm, the middle just slush

..but the coasters would race on, ready to push

Our ladies rushed through the mud and the clay

Carol, Jo and Emily leading the way

It was tough for all runners but no need to be glum

If you still had both shoes you did better than some

Through all the panting we all heard a scream

What happened there did someone fall in the stream?

The finishing hill came but did we slow?…

That’s not how Finch roll, oh no no no

James crushed the field, he came in second

Enda sprinted for seventh,

Andy finished eleventh

The mens score completed with Dave Jones who came next

and Simon and Rhodri who scored for the vets

The Ladies as ever showed the men the way

Carol, Jo and Emily were fourth ladies that day

For a club of our size to come third overall

It was an amazing result it surprised one and all

A big thank you to Tadley Runners for a course that’s so rotten,

..it will live on in legend and won’t be forgotten!