Summer Handicap Series

Summer Handicap Series

What do you mean by Handicap?

Good Question!  The Handicap series is a set 2 ish mile course that everyone aims to run within 25 minutes

That’s not fair some people are faster than me, I only run 12 minute miles!

To cope with this we give everyone a handicap, those who can run faster start after those that can run slower with the aim of having everyone finish together, the aim is to improve your handicap over the course of the series.

Sounds great when and where is it?

We run them on the last Thursday of May, June and July with the final one culminating in a family BBQ.  We meet at the Finch Sports club at 7pm as usual and then have short run to the start as a group.

Is there a nice little map so I dont get lost?

Create Maps or search from 80 million at MapMyRun


Are there prizes?

Yes, prizes are awarded at the end of the series for the fastest overall handicap, biggest improvement in handicap and the closest to handicap over the 3 races.

How do I know how well I have done?

We will post the results on the website as soon as we can after the evenings run.