Strava your running

Strava your running

To create some excitement and a little healthy competition, we are starting to add Strava segments to our scheduled runs.  If you are a user of strava then if all goes to plan you should start seeing your stats on these segments.  These are unfortunately public segments though so non Coasters may also show on there …….. nothing we can do about that though.

What on earth is strava?

Strava is another online running and cycling tool but it allows you to create segments of rides and runs that you can keep track on to see how fast you are against other Strava users, think of it like  leader board.  Work your way to the top of the leader board and you get KOM status

KOM Status?

King of the Mountain!  It means you are the fastest person to complete that segment.

Why should I bother with it?

 Well thats up to you, its another fun way of seeing how well you are improving against set segments of your runs and how you stack up against other runners.

Is there a Finch Coasters group on Strava so I can track how I stack up against other ‘Coasters?

Well of course there is, head over to it using this funky hyper web link

How do I sign up?

Head over to and sign up there.  Its pretty simple to use.

How do I know which segments are available?

Strava automatically analyses the GPS trace you upload and works out which segments you have run, how fast, if you have beaten your previous records or if you have attained KOM status.

I run from home, I dont want anyone seeing where I live

You can set an exclusion zone so it wont publicly show your routes within a set distance of your home address.  Clever and secure, we like that.

Whats does Strava mean?

Who knows.