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We are very social!

As well as running we also like to get together and socialise, whether its down the pub, going out for pizza or doing activities other than running such as Adventure Racing, cycling or mountain biking.  Check our news posts, social tags or the socialising category for more information.  You might also want to check out our Facebook page for more up to date information on social activities.

Check our socialise category for events we have done as a club in the past and those that we plan to do in the future.


Last year we

Went camping at the Lovelife Love running festival, a fantastic weekend of running, socialising, drinking and generally enjoying ourselves

Raced together, we ran lots of races as a group, including Beachy Head, the London Marathon and, the Bath Half Marathon

Ran from Reading to Windsor along the mighty, majestic and very muddy River Thames

Trained together

Celebrated our 30th aniversary with a barn dance and fish and chips

Had a Christmas Party

Got muddy together

And of course had our annual awards dinner (see the posts for more information on this)

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