Simons VLM blog #1

Simons VLM blog #1

Simon’s VLM training blog.

OMG. Why on earth did I do that for..

So, I’ve only gone and done it. Won the clubs place for the London Marathon. How did I get here? Friday night, I was preparing all the entries for the draw. Ten individual members sought a place, most of them with 3 or 4 entries. (Members get one additiaonl place for each Woodland 5 race they marshal at). I was looking at my name thinking “Do I really want to do it if I win? Well, I probably won’t win, so lets not think about it too much”.

So how did it happen then?

When Nathy drew my name out of the champaign bucket last night, it was a shock. Twelve hours later, I think it’s sinking in. I’m excited about it, and certainly nervous. I’m committing to training seriously for this, and to do the club proud. The runners world marathon time predictor tool ( thinks a 3:35 time is doable !! (based on my 2 year old half marathon PB). I don’t, but I’m am aiming for a sub 4hr. I might adjust that a bit faster as the training builds up.

VLM is know for its charitable ways, are you doing your part?

Of course!  As further encouragement to do well, I will also be raising money for two charities in equal amounts.

LDSAMRA: The Lake District Search and Mountain Rescue Association. An umbrella organisation for the all the Mountain Rescue organizations in the Lake District. Mountain Rescue members are all volunteers who give up their own time to rescue walkers, runners climbers etc who become lost or injured while out on the hills. As a keen fell walker, and wana-be (one day) fell runner, you never want to have the need for their services, but it’s good to know these guys and girls are there when needed,. 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, whatever the weather these guys will do their utmost to get you back to safety if you need them.

Macmillan Cancer Support. These are another great bunch of people you hope you never need. Unfortunately one of our members has needed them this year. Andy Surplice’s son Luke has been diagnosed with Hodgkins Lymphoma recently. His treatment is still ongoing, and the prognosis is good. Macmillan Cancer Support provide help and support their family, and well as 1000s of families going though difficult times like this, so half off all the money I raise will go to this organization.

Stay tuned with my ups, downs, wobbles, stumbles, trips and of course the epic runs I will be having by checking back regularly or by liking the Finch Coasters Runnning Clubs Facebook fan page.  Click here to head into the world of social media.