Sign up to our #Woodland5 Mailing List

Sign up to our #Woodland5 Mailing List

We now have a brand new mailing list!

Our Good friends over at Mailchimp are helping send our emails now which is great because not only do they keep you up to date on the #Woodland5 for next year, they also look pretty cool as well.

I Love getting Emails, how do I get on it?

Its as easy as telling us your email address your first name and last name and running club if you want to let us know that.  Once that is done we keep it safely locked away on Mailchimp’s servers until we need to send you an email and then we pop it in the email machine and the chimps do their work.

Click on this link to sign up.

Will I get lots of dodgy emails?

Not from us you wont.  We take email security very seriously and do not share your email address with anyone else and if you want to stop being sent emails then just click on the subscribe link and the chimps delete you from their servers.