View our events online

See all of our upcoming events in one place

That sounds cool, tell me more.

Have you ever wanted to know what we are doing 6 months in advance?  Well now you can with our brand spanking new What are we up to section.  Check out the link which says what are we up to and you will be taken to our new Calendar.

Oooh exciting, what else

This lists the types of runs we do and why they are good for you, where they start, what time they start and where you need to be.  It will also show upcoming social events, cross country runs, the world famous #woodland5 and #thelongslowone, as well as the camping weekend date, what more could you ask for?

I want to synchronise with Outlook and Google Calendars

Yes it does that just click on the subscribe buttons

Can it make me run faster or further?

No only you can do that my friend

I would love to be able to see the categories of run and events types for ease of use.

Great, just click on the Categories drop down list and you get just that.

Do you have a link to the calendar?

Yes click here or, click on the What are we up to link just at the top of the page