Sandhurst Joggers Cross Country Review

Sandhurst Joggers Cross Country Review

The review of the Soggy Sandhurst Splash also known as the Sandhurst joggers leg of the Cross country series is bought to you by Mr Rhodri ‘I have the biggest calf muscles’ Jones. Take it away Rhodri.

It was raining when I went to bed on Saturday night and it was still raining when I woke up the next morning. As predicted Sandhurst tvxc was going to be a wet one! Lying in bed listening to the rain
thumping down it would have been easy to have wrapped the duvet around a little tighter and had a Sunday morning lie-in but for some reason I was compelled to get out of bed and get my kit together.

Arriving at Hawley lake it was great to see to see some familiar faces returning to the tvxc fold: Damian Holmwood, Dave Jones, Mike and Mary MacClancy, Pete Humphries and Darren Colebeck who’d all missed out on a gloriously sunny race at Datchet obviously prefer their cross country wet and wild. It was even better to see that the first timers from Datchet had enjoyed their first tvxc experience so much they were back for more with Enda Ward, Gavin Newby, Vicki Taylor and Lauren
Summerfield all returning to make it 2 out of 2 for the series. The rest of the Finch Coasters line up was comprised of first timers Tom Dawson and Rob Tuck and tvxc stalwarts Steve Butler, Paul Mackenzie, Jo Widdup, Emily Marshall, Nathy Feely, Steve Kelleher and myself.

Tell us about the race itself then Rhodri …..

When it came to the race, there were puddles, puddles and more puddles but when you weren’t dancing through the puddles you were sliding around in the mud and risking coming a cropper like Dave Jones who apparently fell and recovered so elegantly and efficiently that he didn’t even lose a place. Sandhurst is a great course whatever the conditions and although it was tough fighting through the mud and the puddles you know it’s hard for everyone so you just get on with it.
Having said that it was obviously harder for some than for others – Enda Ward presumably aquaplaned over the puddles to finish in a fantastic 13th place, Damian and Dave renewed their friendly tvxc rivalry exchanging positions all the way round and driving each other on to 57th and 58th places respectively. Tom Dawson in his first tvxc (what a baptism of fire – although that’s the wrong metaphor given the conditions) finished in an excellent 79th place and special mention must also go to Gavin Newby – Damian predicted that his ridiculously bright new trainers would make him run much faster and they certainly did as he finished 129 places further up the rankings than at Datchet.

As always the Finch ladies put in a very solid performance with first lady Jo coming home in 10th, next lady in was Vicki Taylor (21st) this time finishing just ahead of Emily Marshall (22nd). Much like Damian and Dave it seems Emily and Vicki are setting themselves up for a tussle that will hopefully see them push each other to better and better performances throughout the series. All of the remaining Coasters seemed to finish well and in good spirits, a good job done by all and we were all tvxc heroes.

How were the cakes at the end, I hear they are famous.

I’d foolishly committed to run home with Damian and it was too cold to wait around for the usual cake and tea indulgence. Luckily a lovely Sandhurst Joggers lady with a tray of cakes and flapjacks just
happened to be passing as we headed off so I helped myself to a chunk of cake and that was probably the difference between me making it homevor collapsing in a heap somewhere near Yateley.

As far as my race went as I’d forced myself up that last cruel hill desperately trying to run hard enough to stop a vet from a rival club from passing me, my heart was pounding, my legs were screaming, I was soaked through, covered in mud and I was reminded why I dragged myself out of bed earlier that morning – because it’s brilliant!

Massive thanks to Sandhurst Joggers for putting on the race and making sure I had enough calories for the journey home.

Here are some pictures of the fantastic mornings squelchy run.  Just here …….. click me

See you all at Handy Cross.