Sandhurst Cross Country Review

Sandhurst Cross Country Review

Race 2 of the Thames valley cross country event is now over, and this time we came, we planted a flag in the ground and claimed the event ours, along with some dubious running shorts and tights combinations, bright yellow running gloves and heads appearing to grow out of shoulders.  Lets get on with it then …..

Sandhurst team

So how did we do then?

Not bad, we had 15 hardy runners out braving the  beautiful November morning to do battle against other clubs, other runners at Finch Coasters and the voices in their heads saying they would rather be at home with a nice cup of tea.  Andy Stay was the first male home for the club in 14th position and Carol bought the ladies team home. Happy birthday to Charlotte by the way from the Finch Coasters!

A birthday celebration, did anyone celebrate anything else?

Yes, Clare and Andy are celebrating their third anniversary today with the Coasters.  So instead of a romantic walk they chose to spend their morning with lots of sweaty runners, takes all sorts but happy anniversary to you both.  Special mention to Clare who wins the purple heart award this week for twisting her ankle half way around and still came in third out of the women’s team, she may have to share this with Alice who came down with the dreaded calf cramps but still gritted her teeth and completed the run …… hardcore!

Any swans this time?

No swans this time my ornithologically minded swan pestering friend.

Shame.  Do you have a photo of an empty gravel filled muddy carpark instead of a swan then?

You are in luck, my strange liker of weird photos, here is a very muddy and empty gravel filled carpark.

A muddy carpark

An empty muddy carpark

Did anyone see a woman carrying a large plate of sandwiches at all?

You mean this woman?


A Women with some sandwiches

A Women with some sandwiches


Any run sabotaging going on?

Apparently there may have been but its we don’t like to speculate to much.  So congratulation to Chris for breaking his seasons goal of beating Carol.  There is however a rumour that he only achieved this by encouraging Carol to run the 6 miles to the start of the race to slow her down, not sure how true that is but, watch out for Chris, he’s a sly one.  Carol, its time for you to get revenge.

How did Melissa get on, I’m concerned about her after the last run.

Don’t you worry, Melissa got on just fine, no nails found or tree roots stumbled on or hedgehogs trodden on this week.  Well done Melissa!

Given the light was not very good for taking photos, I bet there are no more photos are there?

You are wrong, check these little beauties out.


Massive thanks to Sandhurst Joggers for hosting this race!