Running Pinterests

Running Pinterests

Ooooh Look at us, we have gone all Californian and cool and got ourselves are very own Pinterest board chocablock (does anyone remember that classic 80’s children’s programme, if you dont, check it out here) full of  really interesting stuff about running and nutrition and stretching and erm other ……. stuff.

Do I have to sign in to get Pinterested in Pinterest?

Well if you have a Board then we would love it if you liked us and be in our gang but if you dont get, why not go and grab yourself an account, its free and there is some pinteresting stuff on there.  You could on the other hand just take a look at the feed below and then click on anything that pinterests you (sorry will stop that joke now!):

- Please recheck your ID.


If you get a cheeky little message stating that the userid is invalid it doesn’t mean we are not pinterested (sorry again) in you, it means that the cheeky internetweb super highway is playing up and you will need to click on this link or just cast your eyes to the right of the screen where hopefully you should see a nice shiny Pinterest feed.