Other Sessions

Its not all about running distances

Depending on whether we are in the winter or summer season we do other sessions as well as the standard routes, here are just a few of them:

Hill Work – Thursday nights in winter

Start at the bottom of a nice steep hill, look up at the top with slight trepidation and then launch yourself up it as hard and as fast as you can.  The faster runners start nearer the bottom with the slower ones nearer the top, the aim is to see who can can beat in front of you.  This is good for building strength and speed.

 Night Runs – thursday nights in winter

All you need is a good headtorch or a diet of lots of carrots, some woods and a dark night and you have the perfect recipe for a fun run though the woods at night.  Always a fun and popular night, the darkness brings out a different feel to running.

Reading Road Run – Tuesday nights in winter

Running from the Queens Head pub in Wokingham out towards the Showcase cinema in Winnersh, you have 20 minutes to get as close to the cinema as possible before running back again, if you end feeling absolutely drained then you have done it well.

Wokingham Work-out – Tuesday nights in Summer

A mix of a gentle run around the sites of Wokingham combined with some outside gym such as dips, hill sprints, sit-ups, press-ups, the plank and much more.  Enough to give you some ideas of how to strengthen your core in the comfort of your own home.  Also a nice relaxing way to get some exercise.

Luckley Loops  – Tuesday nights in Summer

The summer speed session, a series of short but fast sprints of varying lengths along Luckley Oakfield Road in Wokingham.  The spring sessions are either 5 minutes or 10 minutes depending on how we feel as a group.   Over the summer season, as you get faster you should be able to make it further down the Luckley road each month.


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