Sunday Runs

Easy Like Sunday Morning?

Yes Kind of, although with less of the music and more of the running

So What happens on Sunday Runs?

If there are no other events on, (such as cross country, hash run, etc) then Sunday runs start at 9am from Finchampstead Sports Club. These vary in length but are typically long runs to enable everyone to build up their miles. Distances range from 8 to 20+ miles as people prepare for marathons. Routes can cover a wide area and may also start in different locations to take advantage of different routes.  Please visit our routes section for some inspiration of runs

How do I find out about whats going on?

Sunday morning runs are normally organised on facebook or on email, so keep an eye out and just turn up.

If I am going out how do I let people know?

See the above question, jump onto our facebook page and let people know or send an email to the group

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