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This section is all about the runs we do, where we meet, our running database and other information you might find useful to do with running and training.

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  1. Tristan Roberts
    Tristan Roberts at · Reply


    I’m looking to join a running club. I really like the sound of this club. Would it be possible to come along for one of your sessions and see what its like.


  2. Stephen Wood
    Stephen Wood at · Reply

    Hi Tristan
    Glad you like the sound of us. What sort of distance do you run and at what pace? Would recommend probably next Tuesday is a good night to come along to see if you like the look of us. Check out the run on a Tuesday section.

  3. Kim Schwarz
    Kim Schwarz at · Reply

    Hey :)

    I am living in Finchampstead working as an aupair and I love to run.
    I am really interested in this running club and would love to join your ” crew ” .
    Can you maybe give me any details or tell me things I need to know?
    I run between 5 and 7 kilometres up to 6 times a week.

    1. Stephen Wood
      Stephen Wood at · Reply

      Hi Kim

      Thanks for contacting us. I will get either Simon our chairman or Paul our membership sec. to contact you via email if thats OK?


  4. Lucy
    Lucy at · Reply


    I have recently moved to Wokingham and am looking to join a running group. Would I be able to come along on Tuesday to see if there are running groups around my ability?



    1. Stephen Wood
      Stephen Wood at · Reply

      HI Lucy

      We would love to have you along to see what you think. I will send you an email and copy in our membership sec and chairman as well. Look forward to meeting you on Tuesday.


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