Reading Road Runners Cross Country

Reading Road Runners Cross Country

TVXC Reading Roadrunners- Race 5, 21st December 2015

It was the night before Reading Roadrunners TVXC match and social media was alive with rumours. Rumours that there was to be a GB athlete at Crowthorne Woods in the morning…

Finch Coasters no longer have a home fixture but for us this is as ‘home’ as they come! If you happen to have been strolling through Crowthorne woods in the summer you may have seen the Coasters hosting a very popular and successful Woodland 5 series. It may have been The Roadrunners match but we know this course and were determined to show how it’s done!

As we arrived we extended a smile and a wave to our hosts and friends in the green vests. We looked again. What were those two red vests? They don’t belong to a Roadrunner. We looked again. They were the striking red and black of Reading AC. We looked again. They were not just any Reading AC vests but the vests of Jonny Davies and Jack Gregory. What were they doing here? Jonny was just back from representing his country at the U23 European Cross Country Championships in Bulgaria and the rumours were true! There was indeed a GB athlete at Crowthorne Woods.

There may not have been a GB athlete amongst the ranks but once again, we were looking sharp and ready to run. Reading Roadrunners had a lot less mud then other courses we have sampled this year however the compulsory hill was very much in place! It loomed large and felt never ending!

So as we began to charge across the finish line things were again looking good. James Craggs had secured 4th scoring position and Enda, who is having a fantastic season, had placed 9th in a very close finish. Just two minutes behind (and ahead of his ‘rival’ Dave Jones) came Damian. With Rhodri Jones and Paul Mackenzie competing the male scores we were looking strong! For the ladies, Jo Widdup put in another fantastic performance to finish 9th with Vicki Taylor and Emily Marshall completing the scoring.

Finishing in a solid 6th place, you don’t need a GB athlete when you’ve got a team like the Finch Coasters around you!

6 00:29:25 James Craggs MS 4 –
11 00:30:04 Enda Ward MS 9 –
48 00:32:27 Damian Holmwood MS 42 –
53 00:32:44 David Jones MS 47 –
87 00:34:20 Rhodri Jones MV 78 –
89 00:34:22 Dave Jones MS 80 –
90 00:34:23 Tom Dawson MS 81 –
101 00:34:54 Paul MacKenzie MV 90 –
108 00:35:16 Joanne Widdup FS – 8
159 00:38:22 Vicki Taylor FV – 25
172 00:39:00 Emily Marshall FS – 33
198 00:40:06 Pete Humphreys MV 144 –
210 00:40:43 Mandy McDonough FV – 51
224 00:41:39 Darren Colebeck MV 159 –
239 00:42:34 Steve Kelleher MV 167 –
250 00:43:06 Rachel Morley FV – 66
279 00:46:10 Lindsey Thackrah FVG – –
348 00:55:25 Clare Cooper FS – 119