Reading Road Runners Cross Country Review

Reading Road Runners Cross Country Review

‘Twas the night before the Reading Cross Country and all through the region the weather was not very nice, the wind came first then, down came the rain and, all of the Finch Coasters cross country team lay in their beds preparing their excuses.  Dawn came, still the rain came down and, the excuses become more elaborate.  My shoe laces have snapped, I have split my ends, I just have to make mince pies for Father Christmas.

Anyway the day dawned beautiful, sunny, warmish but a tad on the windy side and so once more our fearless off road warriors (including Cross country virgin Becky and a first outing of the season for team Mclancy and Spencer) set themselves up to do battle in the mud and the wind, to not take any prisoners (especially from Broadmoor) and to eat as much of the food afterwards as they could.  All of these were completed in fine fashion. Apart from Emily and Claire as they were still in bed after partying like it was Christmas or something.

So the bi weekly question, how did we do?

You know we didn’t do half bad.  Carol skipped home in first place for the females, Becky on her first outing for the Coasters cross country team came jogged home in second and Jo completed the 1,2,3 in erm, third place.  Awesome work you talented fast footed ladies.

Wow that is an awesome job, how did the boys do?

The boys did alright as well with Damian coming in 34th and David just creeping in to claim a top 50 place, stellar work gents.

Any other news worthy of talking about?

 Chris wasn’t around so there were no high jinks or Scrooge inspired meanness from that camp, Melissa got around with no mishaps at all but, Steve K unfortunately had to drop out of the race.  We still haven’t found him yet, maybe he is lost in Crowthorne Woods??

What was the food like?

Well it seemed like there was enough to feed all of the inhabitants of Crowthorne, well there was until certain Finch Coasters came along and scoffed the lot.  You know who you are!

Is there a photo of a strange bearded man walking through the wood’s?

You mean this one?


A Dodgy Man

A Dodgy Man

Is that someone who has escaped from behind the walls of Broadmoor?


Did you see that man with the megaphone?

You mean this one?

2013-12-22 10.58.01

A Man with a Megaphone


Is there another one of your funky video montages available, maybe this time in a Christmas style with perhaps a classic Christmas song?

Yes indeedy do there is my lover of all things image and video related and here it is.  Enjoy.  You can also find it on YouTube as well

Are there any decent photos of people running, not dodgy ones taken with a phone and put in a video to disguise their poor quality?

There really is no pleasing some people, luckily Andy turned up with a camera lens to make most men feel inadequate and took some smashing photos.  These can be seen below or if the internet has had one to many mince pies and is a bit slow then why not mozy on down over to our cool Flickr site here

A Massive Merry Christmas to our friends over at Reading Road Runners for putting this excellent event on.  Thank you and see you in the New Year.