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So not only do we give you the opportunity to run with some of the Wokingham districts most prestigious runners, on the most sort after routes around the borough in our stunning club colours we have also got together with some local businesses to offer you some stunning discounts.

I like discounts, stuff for free you mean?

Well not free, but they are a good range of  exciting offers that will save you a few quid here and there

The current Members benefits are only available to runners holding a valid membership card and this will need to be shown as proof when making the purchase.


Roger Duckworth Physiotherapy

Roger Duckworth Physio Therapy

Injured yourself running or want to give those well worn muscles a treat with a sports massage head down to our friends at the Roger Duckworth Physio therapy practice and they will sort you out with a nice 10% discount as long as you are not claiming it back on your health insurance plan.

cotswoldoutdoor_lgCotswold Camping

If you fancy getting some outdoor clothing, fancy getting out into the hills for a spot of walking, climbing or camping or you just want to get a new smelly helly then Cotswold Camping in the place for you to go for this sort of kit.  Flash your membership card at them tell them you run for the world famous Finch Coasters running club and claim your well earned 10% from them.



The Sweat Shop

You’ve run so hard and so fast for so long that your toes are pointing trough the ends of your shoes and your heels are flapping on the ground, The Sweat Shop is the place for you my friend.  You can also get a full range of running paraphernalia here as well from those yummy gels to the latest must have gadgets to track your time and location.  Make sure you bring along you membership card and get a cool 10% off of your new purchases, that aint bad is it!

3f31256f-a7ea-4add-b2eb-508b7cd7569f_image_pngApex Sports in Farnham Common.

What’s that you’re in Farnham Common and all of a sudden your shoes have exploded and you need some new ones?  Well don’t fear because those lovely folks in Apex Sports know just what to do with your exploding shoes, they can sell you a pair that have not exploded!  These lovely folk will give you 10% off of your new purchases as long as you ask nicely, say please and produce your membership card.

 lg_jws_titleJohn Wood Sports in Wokingham

Located in the heart of Wokingham, John Woods has everything you need from a local sports shop as well as a great discount, so if you are in town and urgently need to get yourself a new running jacket or some clean socks head inside flash your card and grab your 10% discount.

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