May 2016 #Woodland5 Results

May 2016 #Woodland5 Results

“And lo the raineth it did fall and as a golden orb in the blue azue the sun it did shine and then the runners they ran. Wisely and slow; they stumble that run fast.”

Or put another way, it was a bit rainy today and we were worried that no-one would turn up but then the sunshine came and dried up all the rain (ish) and then lots of most excellent people decided to join together and celebrate the love of running in the first of the 2016 #Woodland5 races. You were all epic from the front of the pack to the back of the crowd and to be honest we nearly didn’t bother with the stop watch and clip boards but for those of you that want to know, here are the prelim results.

Click on this delightfully not muddy or wet link

Full write up will be available tomorrow with prize breakdown once a full investigation into alleged illegal shoe choice has been looked into.

Some other interesting stuff …….