May 2016 #Woodland5 Final Results

May 2016 #Woodland5 Final Results

We were all extremely lucky yesterday to be able to see all you lovely muddy people run and squelch, slip and slide around the rather stunning woods just outside Crowthorne.

Normally scourged by sunshine and balmy evenings this year we organised something very special for all of you, we organised rain and lots of it.  It rained during the night,  during the day and then just as the afternoon ended and the evening’s festivities began we got the sun to come out just for you.  Amongst the usual faces who we love seeing each year and in between the usual club colours we have also seen some new fresh faces, some returning fiends and some old friends.  Each and every one of you made the evening and we look forward to seeing you for the next three races, even if you were heard complaining about our beloved and world famous hill.

So onto those results that the racing snakes and whippets amongst you probably care about and the rest of us mere mortals are still recovering from a hard nights running so can barely summon the effort to get out of bed.

The results

Coming in in first place for the gentlemen was Mr Anthony Bourne from the delightfully named Horsham Blue Star Harriers in a wonderfully fast paced 32 minutes and 33 seconds a whole minute (give or take a few seconds) ahead of a tight fight from Reading Road Runners regulars Mark Apsey and Ben Whalley (who was our first Male VET across the line) in 33 minute 26 seconds and 33 minutes 31 seconds respectively.  Ben leads us nicely into the more “experienced” age grade, the Male VETS.  Ben came in first followed by Jonathan Kew in  34 minutes and 55 sconds sandwiched between the  Reading Road Runners with Ian Gosling coming in third in 35 minutes and 36 seconds

For the ladies, the sea of green of the Reading Road runners continued to wash across the course with #Woodland5 regular Alice Leakes crashing home like a wild dervish in 36 minutes 13 seconds, a stonking 2 minutes (ish) ahead of the next lady another Woodland5 regular and Reading Road Runner Ellie Gosling who came scampering home in 38 minutes and 4 seconds (some nice bling will be finding its place in the Gosling home).  Completing the trio of female front runners was Sheena Keates just 20 seconds or so behind Ellie and was looking equally fresh as the other two.

Now for the ladies over a certain age.  The 1,2,3 here were separated by about 30 seconds from each other.  In first place Collette Callanan flying the flag for the red runners from down the hill in Sandhurst Joggers who flew down the finishing straight dipping below the 40 minute mark by ten seconds, Penny Abbott from our excellent friends over at Fleet and Cookham came in just shy of 40 minutes and 30 seconds  and Trish Monks again from our most wonderful compatriots Sandhurst Joggers dipped in in under 40 minutes.

If you want evidence of this, it can be found by clickety clicking on this link just here and if you want the full breakdown then click right about here

So with just a few weeks left till the next installment of the #Woodland5 2016 we wish you all a fantastic month and look forward to seeing you down in the woods on the 8th June.