May 2015 #Woodland5 Results

May 2015 #Woodland5 Results

So, we have given the #Woodland5 results monkey’s a sharp talking to and threatened to take away their Gameboys (Yes we are old skool at the finchcoasters) and they have finally given us some results from last night.  Smoke me a kipper skipper, here are the official times from last night (sponsored by Casio Calculator watches)

First before the results a big thank-you to everyone who ran, running is all about having fun and no matter where you come in the pack as long as you do it with a grin on your face then that’s all that matter.

This month we had runners from 20 different clubs including an impressive 39 from Reading Road Runners.  The prize for most committed has to go to the runners from Metro Aberdeen and Styal running Club in Wilmslow, sound!  Wherever you came from though you are most welcome and we look forward to seeing you for the next two races.

So onto the results which can be found in full by clicking on this delicious little link here for the prize breakdown and here for the full results

Mens Results

It was a cracking run from Andrew Smith from Reading Road Runners which bought the pack home looking like he was being chased by a pack of weasels riding on the backs of stoats in a mesmerizing time of 31 minutes and 42 seconds.  Literally 36 seconds later (Yes we timed it on our Casio calculator watch) Lee Tolhurst from Overton Harriers hurtled after him followed by Benjamin Raggett  from Fleet and Crookham Athletics Club 14 seconds later.  This completed the 1,2,3 for the men

Ladies Results

1st home for the ladies running like she was wearing wings powered by humming birds drinking too much Red Bull (other sugary, caffeine laden drinks are available) and wearing the coveted Number One was Alice Leake for Reading Road Runners in a time of 35 minutes 23 seconds (equal to last years fastest female).  Alice was chased down 15 seconds later by Lesley Locks from Hart Road runners in 35 minutes in 328 seconds, The ladeis top three was completed by Ellie Barnes again by the unstoppable Reading Road Runners in 37 minutes and 38 seconds.  Well done ladies.

I saw someone who looked like a photographer out on the course.  did you take any photos of me?

You are quite right our photographer spotting firned, We trusted one of the #Woodland5 helpers with a camera and after telling him which way around to hold it he actually got the hang of it and some of them are actually in focus, so head to our Flickr site to check them out.

Any cool videos this month?

We are afraid not, someone forgot to charge the video camera.  Don’t worry, they have been made to sit on the naughty step and think about what they have done and we will be back bigger and better next month.

When is the next race?

If you want another crack at it, you are i luck we still have two more runs to go but the tickets are running out fast and we are at 70% capacity for the next two runs.  Sign up now to avoid getting a trembling chin and a snotty nose when you find out you are too late to the #Woodland5 party.  Head over to runnersworld to sign up.