#Longsupportedone 2016

#Longsupportedone 2016

Who wants to explore the delights of the countryside around Bracknell, seriously it is nice, flat running, cheeky hills, bridleways, footpaths, some roads, ponds, streams and not a hoodie in site.

In previous years we have run the length of the Basingstoke and the Kennet & Avon canal, run along the Thames and also run the Blackwater Valley, this year after a years break we are coming back bigger (actually shorter) and better (erm closer to home).  We are running the Bracknell Forest Ramblers route with the options to extend if you want even more of a challenge.

Sounds Good, tell me more

OK lets not go over board here, but seriously it is a beautiful mix of small paths, bridleways, forests, heathland and here is the bit you dont expect, breath taking views.  Bracknell can actually look pretty nice when viewed from the right angle.  The official guide states the following:

The Ramblers Route is 26 mile/ 41.8km circular walking trail that passes through attractive countryside on the outskirts of Bracknell Forest. The route follows footpaths, bridleways, woodland tracks and stretches of road. It passes through remarkably varied scenery, from coniferous forest and heathland in the south to open farmland in the north.

So don’t take our word for it or the word of the Bracknell Forest tourist board, come and see for yourself.  Full details of the route can be seen below or via this lovely hyper weblink

When is it?

The date of the long run is Sunday March 20th, probably a 09:00 am start from St Crispins Leisure Centre, more details on this as the date approaches.

Do I have to run it all?

The good news is no you don’t but if you can you will get an amazing feeling of awesomeness and you get bragging rights when you go to work the next day and people might even make cups of tea for you.

We stop every 3 to 5 miles for a re-group a drink of water or energy drink before starting on the next section.  At each of these sections you can jump on the mini bus or cars and it will take you to the next section.  We are also passing through the look out discovery center at around half way which will be a good place to meet your better half if you have one and want to meet them there for lunch

So where does it start, where does it end and what are the sections

It starts in the lovely village of Wokingham at the St Crispins sports center (you should know where this is)in a car park by the Station and ends back where you started from around 30 miles later.  There is the option to extend with a jaunt around Sandhurst Lakes and back via Gorrick (ish) or you could push it even further if you fancy it and head back around Barkham and the Coombs (not shown below)

Section # Section Start Section  End Section Distance Total Distance
1 Cp2 St Crispins Leisure Centre PopesMeadow 5 5
2 CP3 PopesMeadow Shepard’s House Pub 5 10
3 Cp4 Shepard’s House Pub North Ascot 4 14
4 Cp5 North Ascot The Lookout


4 18
5 Cp6 The Lookout Ambarrow Court.  Longer Distance Option 5.3 23.3
6 Cp7 Ambarrow Court St Crispins 5.5 28.8
Longer Option The Lakes and then back. Ambarrow Court Finch Sports Club 3.5 26.8
Finch Sports Club Crooked Billet 4.5 31.3
Crooked Billet Finch Sports Club 2 33.3

A Map would be nice

We all like a nice map don’t we, so here you go

Sounds Hungry work, do we have a lunch stop?

There are a couple of places we can stop, either in North Ascot (scenic) at 13 miles or, at the Lookout at 18 miles.  We suggest the latter

Anything else I need to know before I commit?

No, just do it, if you don’t like it or find it too tough then no worries, just jump on the support car and enjoy a lovely days sightseeing around the Bracknell countryside (seriously it is really nice).

OK I’m in, what next?

Sign up on the members portal to let us know you are interested and we can then work out numbers for cars / minibus if we have enough.