June 2016 #Woodland5 results

June 2016 #Woodland5 results

The results tonight were more eagerly awaiting than the wait for Trump vs Clinton or, the stay or not to stay vote  So, who won?  who knows and who cares because we saw some lovely cheeky smiles on everyones faces (apart from maybe one or two) and thats all that really matters.

The night was fantastic, it promised rain and it promised sun. Did it rain or was the sun a persistent presence in the clear blue yonder? Who knows because the results write up was done in true Blue Peter fashion (here’s a post we created earlier) whilst the #Woodland5 webchimps were sitting in an airport lounge drinking G&T wishing they could be jumping up and down laughing at the fabulous people running up the hill.

So enough humble bragging, lollygagging and maybe even a spot of gerrymandering (what on earth is that anyway), here are the delectable and delightfully irreproachably effervescent preliminary results.

Click here for the full results

The full results will be up online just as soon as they have been scrutinized with the auspicious cynosure of a Sierra Leone election.