June 2015 #Woodland5 Results

June 2015 #Woodland5 Results

What another cracking night we had.  Yeah we say this every morning after a #Woodland5 but its true.  Every race is amazing and its all down to the good people who come along to race along some of the countries finest sandy trails with the sun setting in the background.  Perfick.

Last night was what running was all about, from the front runners to the slow shufflers at the back everyone had a smile on their face and a mouth full of banana.  The official time-keepers worked like they were on performance enhancing steroids (a drug test has been conducted and they are not) throughout the night dosed up on Umbongo and Sunny D and here are the results, all checked and double checked for errors.

The Chaps results

First home through the funnel running like he was chasing down the last tickets for Glastonbury in the fastest time for 2 years was James Samson from Datchet Dashers in a lovely time of 30 minutes and 16 seconds, a lead of nearly two minutes on second place. What more can we say but OMG!  In second place and in a time which saw him win last months first male home prize was Reading Road Runners own Andrew Smith in a smashing time of 31 minutes and 59 seconds.  Bringing up the third male home was Purple Patch Runner Alex Sutton in 32 minutes and twenty seconds.  Just one second behind Andrew was the 1st Male VET home, Lance Nortcliff for Reading Road runners followed by Lee Tolhurst (Overton Harriers & AC) and Benjamin Taggett (Fleet and Crookham AC).  Well done to you all, you did a fantastic job of making the running look easy peasy lemon squeezy.

But its not just about the men, lets hear how the wonderful #Woodland5 ladies got on.

The ladies

We have lots of consistent runners at the top for the ladies with names that we all know and love from previous runs.  Taking the Number one lady home spot again for the second month in a row is the wonderfully fast Alice Leake from our good friends over at Reading Road Runners who still looks like she was wearing red bull powered humming birds wings in 35 minutes and 34 seconds.  Second home again is LEsley Locks (come on Lesley you can beat Alice next time if you put some sneaky hill training in) from Hart Road Runners in 35 minutes and 38 seconds. Bringing up the 1,2,3 for the women was Helen (don’t call me old) Antram from Sandhurst joggers in 38 minutes 22 seconds.  Helen also came first for the Female VET, followed by Penny Abbot from the lovely Fleet and Cookham (39 minutes and 37 seconds) and a third place again for Claire Marks (39 minutes 46 seconds) from those runners in green, Reading Road Runners.

But its not about the time, its about having fun and you all(well most of you anyway) looked like you were having fun so that’s all the matters.  Maybe next month we might just throw the stopwatch away and give prizes to those who come across the finish line with the biggest smile on their face.

Full race results can be found here and the prize breakdown can be found by clicking this link into the interweb

Any photos?

Not yet I am afraid my selfie loving friend.  Our photographer has not got back fom snappy snaps yet.  We will have them online later this week along with a lovely video of the night

Until next month, enjoy your running, may your shoe laces never come undone and the wind always be on your back.