July #Woodland5 Review

July #Woodland5 Review

The last one, the end of the trilogy, always a difficult one to pull off. The first is full of anticipation, the second builds on the hype of the first and the third well the third is often the “difficult album”. Was it an all filler no killer or was it more like Michael Jacksons Thriller?

Race three, beautiful evening three. Starters orders and they were off racing around the woods like a bunch of cooped up children told that the ice cream van was coming down the road. Maybe it was the sense of impending holidays, maybe it was the sunshine or maybe it was the boogie?

The finishers came in thick and fast, so thick and so fast that the man with the small laptop couldn’t type quickly enough and thats where it all went slightly wrong. The result was two men in a carpark with an expectant crowd of #Woodland5 runners patiently trying to figure out where the mistake was. Unfortunately they couldn’t find it quickly enough and the results were delayed by a couple of days. But hey this isn’t a slick multi thousand pound operation its an after work midweek race done for fun and we certainly think you all had fun.

Enough waffle and pre-amble who won?

In first place for the final race of the season was the bookies favorite Tom Whately of no club (we reckon there will be lots wanting him now) in a cheeky 31 minutes and 5 seconds, just 5 off the fastest time this year. Bringing in second and third in 32 minutes 30 seconds and 33 minutes twenty were David Lee (from Datchet Dashers) and Thomas Astley. That completed the 1,2,3 senior men.

For the more mature men, Lance Nortcliff romped home in a very respectable 33 minutes and 44 seconds, with Koji Miyazaki and Christopher hunt just behind him in 34 minutes 14 seconds and 34 minutes 49 seconds. Great work chaps.

Now for the ladies. First female back springing down the track like a springbock being chased by a lioness was Sandhurst Joggers very own Jenny Robinson in 35 minutes 23 seconds, followed by the Purple shirt of Datchet Dashers Zena Phillips in a second shy of 37 minutes, nice. 3 seconds later the Female Vets showed they were not to be messed with when Dawn Godwin flew down the finishing straight like she was being chased by a horde of angry mosquitoes (she was) followed by Jaydee Pieters (37 minutes 39 seconds) finishing up the top three of senior females.

The final two to complete the female vets were two more red shirted Sandhurst joggers (or maybe sprinters?) of 0:37:50 Helen Antram in 37 minutes and 50 cheeky seconds and finally Collette Callanan in a wonderfully fleet footed 38 minutes and 11 seconds.


Well done to all of the above winners, if you haven’t got your prize you will be getting them soon.

But more importantly well done to everyone who ran with us in 2014 #Woodland5 you are all winners in our view. Take the rest of the year off, you have deserved it.