July #Woodland Results delayed

July #Woodland Results delayed

For those of you who braved the carpark at the end of the evening you will have noticed two slightly worried middle aged men hunched over a laptop with beads of sweat dripping from their foreheads.  No they weren’t looking at the latest running shoes online or getting excited over the latest Garmin (it is very nice though …. phwoar get down shep) They were trying to figure out who came where and in what order.

Rest assured the timekeeper the data entry person and his glamorous assistant (also seen at marshall point #5) have been vigorously told off for sloppy attention to detail and not working hard enough.  They are currently sitting in the corner writing out 1000 time, “I must not get the results wrong again”.  It has been dealt with.

The good news is that they have now found the error in the results which had people in the wrong positions.

The bad news is a bottle of wine has been opened.

The result?  The Results will be online tomorrow!  The wine is very tasty though.