July 2016 #Woodland5 Results

July 2016 #Woodland5 Results

Well good golly miss molly wasn’t that a bit of a giggle!  We think that was probably about as much fun as you can have with a pair of running shoes on without being arrested.  Rest assured the naughty monkeys playing with water at the top of the hill have been sent to bed with no milk and biscuits.

A couple of records have been broken tonight, most water drunk, most water thrown over people and the hottest #Woodland5 that we can remember (but our memories only stretch back 3 years!).  We also tried playing with Facebook live but don’t worry it wont happen again.

The best record though was for most smiliest people on the #Woodland5, we don’t think we saw anyone who wasn’t laughing (apart from maybe someone on the hill) and that was absolutely fantastic and is what makes the #woodland5 the best five and a bit mile race run on three consecutive months in early summer.

The early results indicate that there was excellent running all around and that some people were faster than others and others where slower than those ahead of them but you know what, who cares as long as you all had lots of fun and got soaked by water pistols thats all that matters.

So for now, strip off your smelly hellies, slip into an ice bath, poor yourself a cheeky babycham (other 1950’s light sparkling drinks are available) and put on a bit of celine dion, you deserved it.

Actually if you want to have a look at some results, why not click on this rather special little link just about here.