July 2016 Woodland5 Results

July 2016 Woodland5 Results

Well thats it all over for another year, the paths can be returned to their usual messy selves, the hill flattened down to its normal pre #Woodland5 state and all of the cheeky monkies, elves, pixies and water pistol totting children (and adults) will be sent off to play POkemon Go so wont be seen for another year (we may let them out for good behavior and maybe to help on a few of the rather wonderful Thames Valley Cross Country events.

Spring has rolled into summer, summer disappeared for a while and right back on cue appeared with timing with the precision of a Casio Calculator watch we had the most glorious finale to a #Woodland5 we could ever want and we hoped you enjoyed the evening as well.  Judging by some of your lovely comments on the facetwitter on the inter super net we think you did.

We would love to be able to come around to each of you and give you a big sweaty hug to say thankyou but that might be slightly creepy and probably not very enjoyable for any of us so we will have to settle for a massive thankyou for supporting our lovely little event for another year .  Without all of your happy faces and banter we would not have half as much fun seeing you run around the woods and we cannot wait to see you all again in 9 months time.  until then happy running and we will promise to make the hill smaller next year.

Enough wimsical misty eyed stutterings of a slightly giddy #Woodland5 monkey coming down from a night on a mix of umbongo, sunny D and hubba bubba, now is the time to get to the results which you have all be waiting for.  But before that well done to everyone last night for competing in such hot conditions, you were all amazing and there are some cheeky photos on facebook to prove it.  Make sure you head over there using this link, look at our album and tag yourself and anyone else you recognize in the photos.

The Results

This month we have not just two sets of results to talk about but three with the overall series winners.  To win the overall series you have to compete in all three of the events and get the lowest aggregate time.  Congratulations to all of your who have competed in all three, you should now have three coasters coasters to show off to your friends with.

The gorgeous gentlemens results

Last we saw of first place winner Tim Gordon who does not have an affiliated club (come and join Finch Coasters Tim, before Reading or Sandhurst entice you with their naughty ways of decadence) was as he streaked through water pistol alley at the top of the hill, his feet ablaze with burning sand and sweat (and water pistol residue) flying off him in all directions.  Tim finished in 32 minutes and eighteen of our earth seconds, a good minute and twenty seconds ahead of next place Mr Paul Herbert from Bracknell Forest Runners in 33 minutes and 38 seconds, closely followed up by Mark Aspey of Reading Road runners fame.  Tim has also claimed the fastest runner of 2016 so well done to him for that and Mark has placed in the podium positions for all three races this year, awesome work!

For the Veteran gents we had the most excellently fleet footed  Benjamin Raggett of Fleet and Crookham AC coming in in 35 minutes 7 seconds, next flying down towards the finish funnel like a kamakaze koala bear was Jonathan Kew of Maidenhead fame in 35 minutes and 31 seconds being chased hard by the Windle Valleys very own Koji Miyazaki in an excellent time of 35 minutes and 35 seconds.

Well done to you all on your epic runs.

The lovely ladies results

Moving swiftly onto our lovely ladies who always have a smile on their faces.

Lesley Locks of Hart Road Runners again claimed first place and finishing faster than last month by a lovely 13 seconds (amazing considering the conditions) and finishing an amazing two minutes faster than next placed Susie Wookey also of our fine fine friends the Hart Road Harriers. Completing the 1,2,3 for the Senior ladies was Victoria Hall (40 minutes 38 seconds) of Hatchwarren runners who are our facourite running group in Hatch warren #respect.  Great racing ladies and we hope to see your lovely smiling faces again next year.

Bringing in the ladies of a slightly older age group we have some astonishing results.  #Woodland 5 regular and one of our most smiliest runners called Collette Callanan from Sanhurst Joggers came in in first bagging exactly the same time she did last month of 37 minutes and 38 seconds, did anyone see that metronome in her hand?  Next running down the funnel was the lovely Penny Abbott of Fleet and Cookham AC taking second spot for the third time this series (must try harder next year Penny) in 40 minutes and 19 seconds.  Bringing in the 1,2,3 was the glorious green shirted Reading Road runner  Claire Marks in 42 minutes and 24 seconds.  Collette, Penny and Claire have been trading positions all season so great to see them running in the July 2016 #Woodland5

Well done to all the ladies running .

So to draw the curtain on the results for 2016 we have the overall aggregate times.

Mr Mark Apsey took a blistering 1 hour forty minutes to run the 15 ish miles, wow, just wow.  Mr jonathan Kew of Maidenhead won a crowded Male Vets heat of 15 runners in 1 hour 44 minutes.  For the ladies and proving its not just the racing snakes who get the prizes but the dedicated, Martine Thompson of Bracknell Forest Runners won the senior female competition in 2 hours 41 minutes and a cheeky four seconds.  Finally for the ladies who are slightly older, Collettee Callanan proved she is nothing if not consistent bagging all the first place prizes this year and taking a tiny time of 1 hour 54 minutes to canter around our beloved course.

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