July 2014 #Woodland5 Results

July 2014 #Woodland5 Results

The results are now in, they have been checked by the race adjudicators, and then we found some-one at the bus stop and asked them to take a look at them but they thought it was just plain weird so ran away from us.

Anyway enough checking and double checking, here are the results from the on the night placings. We are still wrestling with excel spreadsheets and trying to get our tame stats person to stop talking about covariance, skewness and kurtosis so the final series winner results will be out when they have started talking sense, probably early next week.  As a special treat, this year we will also be providing all of the results in one handy to use spreadsheet so you can see all of the races that you entered and how you stacked up in each race against everyone else.

Our chairman will be putting on his Father Christmas outfit and will be visiting as many of you as possible who should have been given prizes so if your name is on the list send us an email to race@finchcoasters.org.uk and he can arrange to drop your prize over.

So here are the results.

Overall Results can be found here

and for those who think that running is all about winning, here are the category results

A review of the nights fun will be online in the next couple of days along with some pictures of the night and maybe even a cheeky little video.  Apologies about the slight delay this month but our union rep has been on a training course and is very keen to show off their new skills in the EU working hours directive.  Normal service will be resumed next year.