Handy Cross Cross Country Review

Handy Cross Cross Country Review

December 8 2013, a day that will go down in Finch Coasters history as the one where one of the Finch Coasters Cross Country Team stayed in bed because she had an “epic” episode of snot and sneezing preventing her from running.  Get well soon Alice.

So how did the other dirty dozen plus 4 do on a course that is rumoured to be a little bit hilly?  Was there a battle of epic proportions between the runners for first place, did Carol get her own back on Chris or, did Chris try another under handed trick such as hiding her trainers

 So what was the course like?

 It was a little bit on the hilly side, but the good thing about hills, oh wait hang on there is no good thing about hills, unless you are some sort of geologist with a penchant for gradients.  There were alot of hills.

So how did we do?  Who was good and who should try harder for Father Christmas?

Well its not like its a competition its about taking part but, congratulations to David Jones for leading the Coasters home for the boys and first home for the girls was the epic Carol Yarrow but she was unfortunately pipped to the post by her old nemesis Chris “why dont you run there” Aitken.  Next time Carol!  Full results can be found by clicking on this delicious little link

Not much to talk about this week then?

Well there were some hills but yes it was not a week to be confused with the awesomeness of swans, gravel filled carparks or, strange ladies carrying large plates of bread cut into dainty little triangles.  But to make up for this massive disappointment, there is this rather cheeky little video set to some music by popular 1990’s beat combo Blur (please give it a chance to load!).  If you cannot wait then  head over to see it on YouTube

Was that a Man on a bike?

It certainly was my eagle eyed video watching friend.

Finally what did Melissa get up to this week?

Well this week there was nothing crazy that Melissa got up to, so rest easy Melissa worriers.

Videos are great but I do like to look at some pictures, have you got any?

Just for you here there are a selection of photos our tame paparazzi took and placed on our Flickr site, so grab yourself a cup of tea and head over there to look at them!



Thankyou to HandyCross Runners for putting on a fantastic event!