Get on Your Bike

Mountain or Road it doesn’t matter

We are lucky to live in an area which is on the boundary between the country and the town which means in a few short miles there are miles and miles of open road.  We also have the excellent Swinley Forest within a 25 minute ride from Wokingham.  Swinley has 3 set trails, red for the more technical (dangerous), blue for the easier but still tough and green for the kids.

OK I get it we are very lucky but why should I get on my bike

Many runners also partake of biking. Its a great way to cross train to help avoid injury or when you are injured its a great way to keep fit without the impact of running (unless you fall off of course!!).  If you start to get into Adventure Racing or other multi discipline sports, cycling starts to become an essential sport to become proficient at

Does anyone at finch Coasters Bike?

Just a few!!  Most weekends you will find someone who is happy to go biking with you or you can always join a local bike club as well.  Let people know via the facebook page or email that you are going and you are sure to have someone to join you.