DIY Half 2015

DIY Half 2015

The DIY Half Review

Back by popular demand, the second annual Finchcoasters DIY half marathon took place on Sunday 25th January.  The seventeen superb athletes who were participating were greeted by Simon Crute at the Finchampstead Sports Club on an overcast but calm winter’s morning.  Simon handed out maps, and words of encouragement, and soon the first runners, Jess Morgan, Steve Forster and Paul Eaton were taking the first strides of many.  The participants each set off at different times, depending on their expected finish time so that all of the runners would finish at around midday.

Each of the Coasters taking part had different motivations; some were chasing a time, some were marathon training, some were covering the distance for the first time and others were just having a nice long run with their friends.  None were troubled by the prospect of taking 26,000 strides to cover the distance.

The downhill start along Longwater Lane towards Eversley encouraged a quick start and the temptation to bank some time, but the relaxed atmosphere meant that most runners quickly settled into their chosen pace and started ticking off the miles with relative ease.  Well placed signposts, and mileage markers on the pavement made sure that no-one got lost and always knew how far they had left to run.

Around the six mile mark, the runners received encouragement and refreshments from Esme Jenkins and Caoimhe Feely, who were expertly operating the drinks station, under the supervision of Vikki Jenkins.  Water, Lucozade and an encouraging clap were the perfect motivation for tackling the second half of the course.

The first back to the Club was Jess Morgan, in a time of around 2 hours.  Second finisher was Tom Dawson in 1:33:00, with Enda Ward hot on his heels in a blistering 1:25:50 – not bad at all for a first half marathon!  The other runners arrived in quick succession, many of them faster than their target times.  Damian Holmwood & Dave Jones finished in 1:27:30, Laurie Bayliffe 1:39, Nathy Feely, Steve Kelleher & Andy Surplice in 1:50, Darren Colebeck in 1:52, Paul Jenkins 1:54 and Steve Forster & Paul Eaton in a little over two hours.  A great morning’s running by all and we all look forward to doing it again next year.

Most of the runners headed home content in the knowledge that together they had run 223 miles and burned 1500 calories each, so could spend the rest of the day eating and drinking as they pleased.  Not all though; Damian was doing a “long run” so had to run back to Wokingham – good effort!