Before the run at Datchet

Datchet Dashers Cross Country

On a crisp cold late Autumn morning on the banks of the Rover Thames a bunch of gnarled, wizened runners all got together to race against each other in the first of the seasons Thames Valley Cross Country League.  Billed as the flattest and least muddy route it held up to 50% of its claims, flattest?  well it should be its on the banks of the river Thames, think back to your Geography lessons, lowland rivers do tend to be quite flat.  Least muddy??  Well not so sure about that.

How many Coasters turned up?

Have a look for yourself, count them, yes go on count them.  That’s right 15 of our finest  most press ganged members turned up to battle the flattest course, how many of these will be on the rougher courses?

Before the run at Datchet

The Finch Coasters Cross Country team ready for the mud at Datchet

Isn’t that someone new?

Yep, please welcome Mr Damian Holmwood to the Finch Coasters, what a debut to the club as he came in second out of the Finch Coasters, with talent like that you can stay Damian.

Did everyone make it through the mud safely?

Well news must have got out about the Purple Heart award being given to Melissa who managed to find the proverbial needle in the haystack only this time it was a nail instead of a needle and instead of a haystack, a great big patch of mud.  Yes thats right, Melissa managed to tread on a nail but with her mind on the race she ran with it embedded in her foot until the final 200 metres she did a Zola Budd, kicked off her shoes and sprinted the last frenetic dash to the finish nailing (sorry) a Reading Road Runner in the final sprint.  Good effort Melissa!

How about the food, I heard there was some good grub.

Ask Alice and Pete, they were too busy chatting whilst scoffing food to bother recording their times straight away, so it must have been good.

Was anyone up at Windsor Castle instead of running for the Coasters?

There may well have been, but they did take a lovely aerial shot, see if you can spot any Coasters in the picture?

I can see my house from here.



I like Swans.  Did anyone see any swans whilst waiting for the race to start or maybe even after they had finished, I’m not fussy when I just want a photo

swans on the Thames

Here is a picture of some swans

Those are some good looking swans. Any other nice picture’s

Sure, not only was Melissa busy finding nails to jab into her feet, she also took some more lovely pictures other than the two above.  Have a look below for some more of them.

Getting ready for the race

Getting ready for the race

sun on the river

sun on the river

Thats a big castle

Thats a big castle









Eating the great food

Eating the great food






The chairman "motivating" the team

The chairman “motivating” the team


Is there anywhere where I can see the detailed breakdown of times and stuff like that?

There certainly is, head over to the Thames Valley Cross Country League via this interweb link and you will see the breakdown.  Heres the clever bit, if you then click on someones name, you will see all of their previous results so you can see if they are doing better this year or worse

Looks like you all had a good laugh doing this I want to do the next one, when is it?

They are every other weekend, if you clickity click on this link then it will take you to a calendar showing just the cross country events ….. nifty eh?  But please do keep an eye out for emails the week before about details.