Cross Country League

What is the Thames Valley Cross Country league?

The Thames Valley Cross Country League runs  from October through to March with 13 clubs taking part over 8 races.  There is a race generally every 2 weeks ranging in distance between 5 and 6 miles in length.

How do I take part?

Each club is expected to put in a team of at least 6 men and 3 ladies, of which at least 2 men and 1 lady must be veterans (over 40 for men, over 35 for ladies).  So as long as you fit within this demographic you should be fine!!  We can also enter as many runners as we want, in fact the more we enter the better chance we have of scoring points and what do points make ……..

How can I see last years results?

You can see the full results for last year’s races on the results webpage

Winter cross country running sounds muddy to me

Yes it typically is, always a good excuse to get wet, cold and muddy, great fun!

Sounds like Hungry work

It is but your are in luck, the organising club also puts on a spread of sandwiches and cakes at the finish – sometimes we even get hot soup!

How do we get to the start of the race?

The club usually meet at the Two Poplars pub on Finchampstead Road, Wokingham before driving to each of the races. This means we can car share as there is sometimes limited parking and helps build camaraderie. Races start at 11 am and the club will pay the entry fee for its runners.

What’s in it for me

The club runs a competition for those taking part in the Cross Country League. A trophy is awarded to the best performing lady and gent in the cross country league. Points are awarded for each race a person takes part in and their position within that race. More points are awarded for races entered than position, so if someone does all 8 races they will beat someone who did seven, even if they won all of them. The prizes are awarded at the club’s Awards Dinner.

Any more information?

Yes go and head over to the Thames Valley Cross Country League website.


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