Come running with Finch Coasters

Come Running With Us

Tired of bashing the streets on your own night after night?  Bored of doing the same old routes? Wonder how on earth those marathon runners manage to run 26.2 miles and beyond? Need help in improving your running?  Want an adventure with us? Just lonely and want some friends?  Ever wondered what its like to run down a hill screaming at the top of your voice and swinging your arms around like an out of control windmill?

If any of the answers to any of the above are Yes then we have all been in your place (unless its the last one and we all grew out of that at primary school …… maybe).

So what can you do to help then?

Well we cannot force you out of the door or tie your shoe laces for you (you should have learnt how to do that by yourself when you were a child).  What we can do is enable you to run with a group of friendly experienced runners and take you out of your comfort zone.

Running clubs? Aren’t they full of scary people sporting perms doing exotic stretches smelling vaguely of deep heat and stale sweat?

Yes if you still live in the 1970’s.  But fear not my friend, running clubs these day are friendly places full of friendly runners who like to eat curries, have a drink at a pub and get together outside of running.  The Finch Coasters are one of the friendliest clubs around (we took a quick vote within our club and we all agreed we were the friendliest club around).  A running club is also a great place to make long lasting friendships and get into new activities if you want to such as adventure racing, mountain marathons, mountain biking  and running through rivers.

 I’m scared that everyone will run off and leave me alone like a billy no mates.

We have runners at all abilities in our club.  Some are racing snakes who appear to have super human capabilities akin to a cartoon character with a rocket on their backs but there will always be some-one to run with and we never leave anyone behind on their own.  We really are very friendly!

OK when, where and how far then?

We meet on Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays and generally run between 6 and 7 miles depending on the type of run, but on Mondays we run 5k as a beginners / improvers / returning from injury session. If you want more details about our club nights, then just clickity click on this link for Mondays, this for Tuesdays and this link for Thursdays.

So how much is this going to cost me and what do I get for my money

Well we are not a charity but its not going to make you bankrupt (hopefully).  Membership costs a recession beating £38 per year which works out as 36 new pence per session …. bargain!  This allows us to cover costs of running the club, and also gives you some discounts on some excellent local businesses.  Check the discounts out by clicking here.

How do I contact you about more information?

The best way would be to send us an email via this email which will go straight to our chairman and membership secretary who will be very excited to see your email and will be only to pleased to help answer any questions (almost anyway) you may have

This sense of adventure that you say you have, what’s all that about then?

Well it depends on what you call adventure, we do not head off to Borneo like a 19th century explorer to shakes hands with chimps or capture butterflies in jars but, we do like to make our running fun.  We have recently held mud runs where we find as much mud and water as possible, once a year we hold our annual long run where we run as a group for around 35 miles, we go camping together in the summer (just an excuse to have a great weekend), we have water balloon fights, we jump in canoes and play on beaches in the middle of rivers ….. basically we like to have fun and act like children.

But I’m grumpy and don’t like fun, I just want to run

Well that’s fine with us, you can do whatever you like with us, no-one is going to force you to have fun!   Beware though you may come back with a smile on your face.

What are you waiting for then?  Get those trainers on, pull on your sweatbands, liberally spray yourself with deepheat and come and join us or, just come in whatever you’re comfortable in.  Even if you dont want to run with us, dont forget to Like us on facebook to be kept up to date with all our website posts