Club Championship

Finch Coasters Club Championship 2018/19

The Finch Coaster Club Championship is a yearly, points-based competition run across 12 events and two categories (parkrun and marathon). It starts with Bracknell Half on the 13th of May, running through the next 12 months, until Shinfield 10K 2018 which is the final race of the competition. Points will be awarded for a competitors highest six finishing positions across the events they run then totalled to find the overall Club Champions.

There will be three categories: Mens, Ladies and Age-graded with 3 winners (age-graded title goes to someone different if they win overall as well).

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Races in the 2018/2019 championships:

Sun 13/5 Bracknell Half

Weds 20/6  Forest  5 

Sun 15/7 Wycombe 10K

10/5, 14/6, 12/7, 9/8 Any Dinton 10K

Sun 2/9 Maidenhead Half

Sat 6/10, 13/10, 20/10 or 27/10 October parkrun (any venue)

Sun in November TVXC Race (Date and Venue TBD)

Sun in December TVXC Race (Date and Venue TBD)

Sun in January TVXC Race (Date and Venue TBD)

Sun in Feb ’19 Wokingham Half

Sun in March ’19 Fleet Half

19/4/19 Maidenhead Easter 10

6/5/19 Shinfield 10K

Any Marathon



Listen carefully here comes the science / rules bit

  • Club vests shall be worn for all qualifying events except where:
    a) The participant is running for a registered charity and wearing clothes supplied by them
    b) The participant is wearing a county or national vest.
    c) The event is a parkrun
  • Subscriptions must be paid during the year to be a trophy winner.
  • For the men’s and ladies competitions, 20 points are awarded for the first club member home, 19 for second, 18 for third, and so on
  • For the age-graded competition, 20 points are awarded for the club member with the highest age-grading, 19 for the second-highest, 18 for third-highest, and so on.
  •  The 6 best points scores from the 12 events/2 categories score for the men’s, ladies’ and age-graded competitions.
  • In the event of tied results, the highest scores will be taken into account.
  • Please ensure you notify of all results for inclusion in the competition. Please also notify us if you want your time included in the Age-Grade table.
  • You must submit your parkrun finish time and event to be eligible to score for parkrun
  • Participants are responsible for making their own entry arrangements. All events must be entered in the participant’s own name, competing with someone else’s number is not permitted.
  • The official results produced by the race organisers will be used for the allocation of points. “Chip times” will be used where available for the purposes of the championship,
  • Members of Finch Coasters may enter the championship at any time during the year, on completing a qualifying race or a marathon distance event.
  • Aged grading will be done using the Runners World calculator (2015)


Current Standings 2018/19

*NB: Dinton results are provisional as not all races have taken place

Club Championships 2018/19 - Mens

NameTotal PtsBrack HalfFrst 5Wyc 10kDint 10k
Paul Mackenzie7218192015
Dave Jones57192018
Luke Trueman51181914
Michael Lee362016
Ross McDonough2020
Alan Hutchinson1919
Tom Dawson1717
Steve Butler1717
Steve Forster1616
Frederick Hoare1313


Club Championships 2018/19 - Womens

NameTotal PtsBrack HalfFrst 5Wyc 10kDint 10k
Laura Shambrook57192018
Rachel THACKRAY392019
Alex Mercer2020


Club Championship 2018/19 - Age-grade

NameTotal PtsBrack HalfFrst 5Wyc 10kDint 10k
Paul Mackenzie7317192017
Dave Jones57182019
Laura Shambrook48171912
Luke Trueman45161811
Michael Lee371918
Rachel THACKRAY311813
Steve Butler2020
Ross McDonough2020
Tom Dawson1616
Steve Forster1616
Alex Mercer1515
Alan Hutchinson1414
Frederick Hoare1010


Final Standings 2017/18

Club Championships 2017/18 (Mens)

NameTotal PtsBHF5W10kY10kMaid HOct PRTVXCWok HalfB 20FHM10Shin 10KMarathon
Dave Jones10920191918161517
Paul Mackenzie107191717191312191516
Enda Ward982020191920
Andy Stay982020182020
Luke Trueman801817881811
Damian Holmwood7720192018
Tom Dawson771719141413
Michael Lee771816131416
Ross McDonough7420181719
Spencer ROOK731818101215
Laurie Bayliffe571591914
Rob Tuck541699137
Steve Kelleher5414131674
Matt Yarnall53191618
Andrew Citten-Jones371720
Steve Butler35151010
Giles Pattison3215314
Alan Hutchinson321517
Tim Sutton321616
Paul Evans291514
Chris Doyle26188
Geoff HULME2511131
John Hammond231112
Simon MERCER221111
Frederick Hoare18126
Simon Elsbury1717
Jay Tuck17125
Paul Peasegood1569
Steve Forster15123
Christopher Lionnet1515
Lee Davies1578
Chris Speed1414
Andy Clempson1313
Paul Jenkins13112
Gavin Newby1313
Adam Rook1212
Nick Lyle1010
Rhodri Jones88
Thomas Lee66
Martyn Slyvester55
Richard GUEST44


Club Championships 2017/18 (Womens)

NameTotal PtsBHF5W10kY10kMaid HOct PRTVXCWok HalfB 20FHM10Shin 10KMarathon
Laura Shambrook102181818181515
Mandy McDonough982020192019
Rachel THACKRAY941919182018
Clare Bryant48171714
Pat Seabrook45132012
Vicki Taylor402020
Jo Speed402020
Hannah Kilby392019
Kat Pattison362016
Ruth Cook2020
Sophie Lovett2020
Anna Sigurdardottir1919
Sarah Evans1818
Beata Dalal1717
Louise Hutchinson1717
Faye Taylor1616
Melissa PINDER1616
Esme Jenkins1515
Alex Mercer1414
Maxine Papps1414
Seren Jones1414
Emma Griffith1313
Julie Surplice1212


Club Championships 2017/18 (Age-Grade)

NameTotal PtsBHF5W10kY10kMaid HOct PRTVXCWok HalfB 20FHM10Shin 10KMarathon
Paul Mackenzie110201818171613191618
Andy Stay992020192020
Dave Jones9919181617121117
Enda Ward971920191920
Spencer ROOK771720101614
Michael Lee73171514918
Ross McDonough7220151819
Steve Kelleher71181218149
Damian Holmwood7019162015
Mandy McDonough67161915107
Tom Dawson61151512136
Steve Butler59201920
Luke Trueman5617161175
Rachel THACKRAY511288149
Matt Yarnall48171417
Laurie Bayliffe461141912
Laura Shambrook3710104634
Simon MERCER361818
Pat Seabrook331815
Chris Doyle311912
Rob Tuck301015131
Andrew Citten-Jones281117
Jo Speed281711
Vicki Taylor271512
Tim Sutton261313
Paul Evans251411
Geoff HULME248142
Alan Hutchinson24816
John Hammond201010
Steve Forster20137
Giles Pattison20146
Kat Pattison17152
Anna Sigurdardottir1616
Chris Speed1414
Andy Clempson1313
Adam Rook1313
Sarah Evans1212
Hannah Kilby1174
Thomas Lee1111
Frederick Hoare1111
Ruth Cook1111
Christopher Lionnet99
Paul Jenkins99
Gavin Newby99
Jay Tuck88
Beata Dalal88
Nick Lyle77
Rhodri Jones66
Clare Bryant55
Lee Davies532
Simon Elsbury55
Faye Taylor33
Sophie Lovett33
Louise Hutchinson22