Christmas Party

Christmas Party

Well Deck the halls with a liberal coating of excitement, ding dong the Christmas Party has been booked!  Its time to see what your fellow runners look like when they are not in their running kits and trainers (unless of course that’s all they ever wear).  Thanks to  Santa’s (other nicknames are available) Little helpers,  Claire and Shane for stepping in to organise this …… they accept alcohol as gratitude

Time for the well known question and answer bit ……..

So when is the social event of the year then?

Its the 14th of December at 8pm ….. its on the events calendar so if you have set it up to synch with your Google Calendar you should see it pop in there

Where are we going to go this year?

This year we are going to be the guests of our friends over at The Walter Arms where they have set aside a large area well enough away from their respectable clients that we wont ruin their evenings, you know who you are!!

I have a hot date for the evening can I bring them along?

You most certainly can, the more the merrier.  You can also bring along your other half as well if you want.

Will Father Christmas be there?

It depends if you have been good or not.  So most likely he will avoid the place like the unfortunate disease that decimated London in the 14th Century.

How many pennies will I need to save up if I want to go?

We have two options the two course and the three course.  The two course option is a budget busting £24.50 and if you want to push the gravy boat out a little its £29.50 for the three course menu.

Is there a menu available

There certainly is Rudolf, click here to see it.

I like Beer, will there be beer?

There will almost certainly be a selection of drinks made from an infusion of hops, malt and yeast.  There may even be some wine as well, maybe even a Babycham if you’re really lucky!

I like dancing will there be dancing?

It depends on how much of the above drinks have been consumed.  It might just be you dancing to the music in your head though.

Great, who do I need to let know and by when?

You need to let Shane know as soon as possible, with which menu option you will be choosing as well as how many will be joining the festivities