Bracknell Forest Runners Cross Country Review

Bracknell Forest Runners Cross Country Review

Mud Mud glorious Mud is a song that came to mind for many of the runners in the penultimate race of the season, it was a tad on the muddy side.This is number six in the eight race series but controversially one has been cancelled so we find ourselves with just one race to go.  How did this race go, are we contenders do take the Thames Valley Cross Country league title?  More importantly, did anyone see that crazy man hanging from cranes on TV this week?

Where was this weeks one held then?

This week we were in the beautiful Lightwater Country Park over in Camberley.

A country Park, full of rich people playing tennis sipping cocktails and discussing the price of couscous?

No you’re thinking of a Country club.  A country park is somewhere the riff raff are invited to.  Country parks are lovely places to go and hang out with nature.   This Country Park is predominately heathland habitat, but there are also ponds, woodland, shrubs and lowland bog. These habitats offer the opportunity to observe a wide variety of wildlife, birds, mammals, plants and insects.  So now you know.  You can also go for a run in one if you like or not, your choice.

Who turned up and who stayed in bed

We had the usual suspects but Mike and Mary were the heroes of the day allowing us to have a full male team and a full female team, well done Mike and Mary, running vests off to you.  Carol and Jo teamed up once more to bring some class to the Female team along with Emily who joined them this week.  The Mens team was bought home by the magic trio of Jones, Jones and Holmwood (sounds like a dodgy estate agents) were the male dream team.

We also had two brand new members Abi and Will to the club turn up and race for us, top of the class to you both with tea and crumpets in head masters study to celebrate.

Anyone wear pink this week?

Funny you should say that, there was a touch of pink to the team line-up, nice outfit Melissa, you have certainly taken be safe be seen to heart.


Its like a really easy Where’s Wally. Can you spot the pink person?

 Anything interesting happen?

No. Unless you count someone trying to run in a vest that’s too small for them and then having their points deducted because they were not running in club kit.  Will, you are now bottom of the class.

Right, photos time.  This week are there any photo bombs going on?

Ahhh street.  For those of you who are not down wi da kids, here is a well pang description of it ….. init blood

(verb)- to drop in a photo unexpectedly…to hop in a picture right before it is taken.  An example being:

sarah: hey why is jimmy in the background of our prom picture?
ryan: idk, he must have photobombed it at the last second.

Sorry, normal service now resumed.  Here is a nice photobomb picture, sweet.


Photobomb init

 How about a grumpy man drinking coffee

Certainly, here is our chairman.

A Grumpy Man

A Grumpy Man


Some other photos can be found by hopping (or skipping) over to our flickr site right about here


Right, that’s it.  All that’s left is to thank the wonderful Bracknell Forest runners for organising it and providing lots of mud and food.

Thankyou Bracknell Forest for organising lots of food and lots of mud.  Great work.