Running safely at night

Be Safe Be Seen

The nights are drawing in, you are closing the curtains in the evening earlier and earlier, heck you may have even pushed the boat out and turned the central heating on that can only mean one thing, winter is here.  Running in winter at night is all about being safe and being visible.  Most of this is common sense but that doesn’t mean you have to run with the equivalent of Wembley stadiums floodlights on your head, it means other things as well.

Here are 8 top tips for winter running

Top Tip #1

Wear bright clothes.  That doesn’t mean you get your eighties funk on and dig out the luminous socks, hypercolour T shirt and Hawaiian shirt, it just means where bright clothes when running as its moving towards dusk and before and after dawn.  Most running clothes seem to be made in various garish colours (including our club kit), so if the least you do is wear a finch Coasters top then that would be better than wearing a dark coloured top.

Top Tip #2

Take a torch with you.  Its amazing how certain paths can take on a different character after dark, running with a small head torch can help light your way and help prevent you from tripping up and landing on your face in a puddle.

Top tip #3

Wear a reflective strip.  OK we know its not very fashionable but who says it cannot become this years must have accessory.  Reflective belts and jackets really do show up at night and can help others see where you are

Top Tip #4

Don’t run out in front of cars without looking.  Enough said really.  Also make sure you always face to oncoming traffic when running on roads without pavements, actually best to just avoid running on roads if you can.

Top Tip #5

Tell others where you are running.  this is basic good sense any time of year but even more so during the darker evenings and inclement weather.  Tell someone where you are going, how far you are going and when you are likely to be back.  If you do get hurt at least they may know where to look for you.

Top Tip #6

Run with a friend or running group.  Why do you think wilderbeast, Zebras and Hoodies go around in packs, its safer. Going with a friend can also help you push each other harder and is less lonely.

Top Tip #7

Avoid dodgy areas.  this is probably a good thing to do in life generally though but especially at night when you are running alone, wearing really bright clothing with a torch on your head!

Top tip #8

Change your routes.  Make sure your routes are winter friendly, well lit ones.  If you are doing long runs, try and get these done when it is light.