All Hallows Run

All Hallows Run

You mean the pagan/Christian event thats the Yanks go crazy for?

Yep thats the one.  The one where everyone dresses up in strange outfits, dunks their head in a bucket of water to see if they can grab an apple, and buy their only pumpkin of the year just to carve a face into it.

 What’s the score then, are we doing something goulish for it?

You got it, we are going to all dress up and run a scary spine tingly route around the most creepy parts of Wokingham, make your costume as scary and freaky as you dare but that doesn’t count just putting on a Finch Coasters vest, we all know they are a strange Yellow colour but they are not scary enough!

 Running in a scary movie mask you must be having a giraffe.

Well you don’t have to run in a scary mask but it would be great if everyone could dress up in some sort of fancy dress for a short run around Wokingham before heading back to the St Crispins Sports Centre have a shower and then head to the local pub for a couple of drinks.

 OK, I’m in are we running from Crowthorne or Wokingham

 We are going to meet in Wokingham at St Crispins at 19:00 all dressed up and ready to run.  Then we will all jump in the shower (no, not the same shower), get dressed and head to a suitable pub for a drink or two.