Adventure Racing

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What on earth is adventure racing?

Adventure Racing is a heady mix of running, mountain biking or road biking and in some cases Kayaking.  The aim of adventure racing is generally always the same but the rules and format can be different depending on the race.

Tell me more

Usually you will be given a map with a series of check points marked on it and you need to use your navigation skills to visit as many of the chekcpoints as possible within a set timelimit, kind of like orienteering crossed with a multi discipline event like a Tri or Iron Man.  You can take part as an individual or as a team dependent on the event.

How long does it take?

Dependent on the event it can last anywhere from 2 hours for a sprint event to in some cases a week

A Week!!!

Calm down, these a the serious events but you do get some which last for a weekend.

Where can I get more information??

The Wikipedia article linked here gives more details on what it is and the different disciplines.  You can also visit the UK Adventure Racing website for more info or you can ask around in the club, we have lots of very members who go adventure racing regularly and a couple who almost always win!